YAP Leadership

YAP Leadership

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Team
  • Regional/National Leadership

YAP's CEO reports to a diverse and independent Board of Directors who contribute a wealth of experience and expertise. The Board meets regularly during the year, both collectively and in Committees such as Executive, Finance, Audit, International, and Governance. Our board members represent YAP's service areas in the United States and abroad.


Teddy Reese
Board Chair

Juan Sepulveda
Vice Chair

Janet Lincoln

Clarence Campbell


Led by YAP's President, the Executive Team is a group of experienced agency officers who have oversight of all operational functions, including service delivery, strategic planning, business and philanthropic development, legal affairs, marketing and communications, finance, and quality improvement.


Jeff Fleischer
Chief Executive Officer

Gary Ivory

Carla Benway
Chief Strategy Officer

Emma Chen
General Counsel

Chief Program Officer


Dorienne Silva
Chief Operating Officer

Rick Stottlemyer
Chief Financial Officer

Kelly D. Williams
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

National and Regional leaders are skilled, experienced employees representing various geographic areas and subject matter responsibilities that are regional, national or international in scope. Team members provide insight on a wide range of issues (e.g. health insurance, internal systems, policies, procedures, new program start-ups, quality improvement) and have vital roles in implementing decisions made by the CEO and Executive Team.

Mid-Atlantic Metro Region (DC, DE, MD, NJ, Philadelphia)

Lynette Connor
Executive Vice President

Carolyn Caprioni
Quality Improvement Director

Craig Jernigan
Regional Director - DC/MD

Stephanie Moore
Regional Director - NJ

Renise Welbon
Regional Director - Phil/DE

Mid-West Region (KY, IA, IL, IN, OH, WI)

David R. Williams
Executive Vice President of the West

Jamaal Crawford
Regional Director - KY/IN/OH

E'Ron Leveston
Regional Director - IA, WI, IL

Monique Robbins
Regional Director - IL C2C

Northeast Region (CT, ME, MI, NH, NY, PA, RI)

Jessica Carlton
Vice President - PA

Rhonda Green
Regional Director - NY

Jennifer Hill
Regional Director - PA

Dana LaCoss
Regional Director - NY

Casey Lane
Vice President - ME/NH/NY/RI

Adam Santacroce
Regional Director - NY

Regina Scarmack
Regional Director - PA

Bob Swanson
Regional Director - PA

Southeast Region (AL, FL, GA, NC, SC, VA, WV)

LaVeisha Cummings
Vice President - Southeast

Vivian Davis
Regional Director - AL

Valerie Koeppel
Regional Director - NC/VA/WV

Southwest Region (AR, AZ, CA, CO, KS, LA, NV, TN, TX, UT)

David R. Williams
Executive Vice President of the West

Kimberly Brandon
Regional Director - AR/CA/LA/TN/TX

Naomi Chargois Edwards
SW BH Regional Director

Kevin Faulkner
Southwest Director of Business Operations

David Glenn
Regional Director - CO/KS/UT

Talvin Paul
Vice President - AR/CA/LA/TX

Nyeri Richards
Regional Director - NV/AZ/CA

Di Ann Rucker
Regional Director - TX

National Leadership

Ann Branning
National Developmental Disabilities and Autism Training Coordinator

Lori Burrus
National Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities Programs

Shaneka Bynum
National Director of Employee Development

Jennifer Drake
National Director of Behavioral Health Services

Fred Fogg
National Director of Violence Prevention

Naomi Frazier
Chief of Human Resources

Michael Garrigan
Executive Vice President Financial Management

Michele Gutshall
Chief Compliance Officer

Cliff Kubiak
Chief Information Officer

Diana Matteson
Director of International Programs and Development

Ryanne Persinger
National Communications Director

Carla Powell
Chief of Advancement and Development

Patty Rosati
Chief Impact officer

Dana Stottlemyer
Deputy Chief of Program Services