Dauphin County Family Clinic Invites Area Residents and Businesses to Particpate in Peace Street on July 18 - Article Details

Dauphin County Family Clinic Invites Area Residents and Businesses to Particpate in Peace Street on July 18

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April 22, 2014, Harrisburg, PA – Youth Advocate Program’s Dauphin County Family Clinic invites you to join us for Peace Street, Friday, July 18, 2014 between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Peace Street, is the Clinic’s effort to bring the Harrisburg community together to end or reduce the continued violence in Harrisburg, PA. According to the Pennsylvania Uniform Crime Reporting System, since January, Harrisburg has seen 2 murders, 7 rapes, 8 robberies, 26 burglaries, 348 larcenies, 147 aggravated assaults, and 5 arsons.

Families affected by the violence in Harrisburg will share their stories at Peace Street. The event will also feature free food, live entertainment, and a wide variety of artistic outlets for youth and families to express themselves to promote Peace within Harrisburg. Clinic staff will be available to provide information on community resources that can help stop the violence.

YAP and the Dauphin Family Clinic encourage local artists and vendors to show their support by setting up informational booths, donating food and / or other promotional items, and making their presence known throughout the community. The Clinic is asking for street-wide involvement from businesses and local service providers to promote PEACE in our city, provide a forum for community voices, encourage peaceful expression in the neighborhood, and connect people with the community.

The Dauphin Family Clinic is located at the Corner of 3rd and Maclay Streets in Harrisburg. If you are interested in contributing to this event, setting up a booth, or simply want more information on the festivities, please contact Cheryl McSherry, Director, at (717)232-3150 or at cmcsherry@yapinc.org.

The Dauphin County Family Clinic is a part of Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. The Clinic offers outpatient services for both children and adults. Every year, the Dauphin County Family Clinic serves over 600 community members. The staff at the Clinic strives to help more and more community members every day.

Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. is a nationally recognized, community-based nonprofit agency committed to providing alternatives to institutionalization through direct service, advocacy and policy change. We serve over 10,000 families a year in more than 100 programs across 17 states in rural, suburban and urban areas including 25 major metro areas. Since our beginning in 1975, 100% of our programming occurs in the home communities of the people we serve. We are based in Harrisburg, PA.


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