Baltimore YAPWORX Graduate Fully Employed After Another Major Milestone - Article Details

Baltimore YAPWORX Graduate Fully Employed After Another Major Milestone

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As part of YAPWORX’ commitment to develop participants’ future economic opportunities, Baltimore YAP was honored to have the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (M.O.E.D)  select YAPWORX graduate Miguel as one of 20 candidates for Baltimore City Water Industry Career mentoring program through the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA).

Miguel started with Baltimore YAPWORX in June 2018, eager to make connections and work on SMART goals. YAPWORX is one of many tools YAP makes available to youth enrolled in its community-based programs, which serve as an alternative to youth incarceration and institutionalization. When Miguel got enrolled in YAP had little work experience and wanted to make real work connections. Shortly after his interview with the Maryland Juvenile Services (DJS) Green Cadets job-readiness program, Miguel began working towards his goal.

To kick off an amazing year, Miguel graduated from YAPWORX in Feb. 2019. Along with the support of his advocate Timothy Rich, Miguel consistently worked on his goals with real experience, demonstrating his dedication and determination through his supported work position for more than six months. He proved he was reliable and ready to apply for an entry level position.

A year later, Miguel met another major milestone, graduating in Nov. 2019 from DPW’s mentoring program as a full-time employee with the City of Baltimore.


Miguel with YAP Advocate Tim Rich 



Miguel with Baltimore City Mayor Bernard Young and Water Industry Career Mentoring Program Staff



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