Texas Roadhouse Opens Doors

by Brittany Hilton

Texas Roadhouse in Palmyra, PA is very supportive of Lebanon YAP’s Workforce Development program. The popular steakhouse currently employs two staff members who receive support from YAP job coaches. Brian Johnson, the franchise owner, interviewed Samantha for a hostess position and hired her right on the spot. Samantha was so delighted to be hired on at Texas Roadhouse; especially as she had recently applied for many jobs and interviewed at more than five businesses with no success.

Brian, Samantha, and YAP Employment Specialist, Brittany Hilton, discussed the best approach to help Samantha succeed. Samantha shadowed the restaurant’s trainer for 5 shifts and then started working independently or with the job coach occasionally. The team at Texas Roadhouse is very supportive of Samantha. They check in with her and discuss with the job coach areas where she may need additional support. Samantha is happy with her first paying job and her favorite part of the job is “welcoming customers and saying goodbye with a big ‘Texas Roadhouse Smile.’”

Brian then approached Brittany about other participants of the workforce program who might be suitable to fill additional openings at the restaurant. Donna*, a student looking for work experience, was interviewed for a bussing position. Brian offered Donna the job, but she was concerned about performing all the tasks required. Brian worked with Brittany to have Donna try out the job before accepting the position. A Texas Roadhouse trainer worked alongside Donna to show her the tasks and expectations of the job. Donna discovered that she enjoyed the job and was eager to start working. Donna’s goal is to save money for a trip to Disney World and gas for her car.

Texas Roadhouse in Palmyra, PA truly believes in inclusion for all people. They have a great management team that creates an open atmosphere, patient and understanding training staff, and a positive culture that helps all staff excel.

*Name has been changed for confidentiality


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