A Fresh Start

by Leah Vuich and Courtney Reimann

Aida Cuebas, a young woman from Mercer County, PA, is finishing her first year at Butler County Community College. Aida’s long-term goal is to become an Assistant Teacher for Early Education and Kindergarten classes. Aida receives YAP services to help her expand her interests in the community and support her with college classes.

Aida experienced some ups and downs during the past few years. From her childhood in the foster care system, to living independently in the community, and then a lengthy hospitalization; Aida’s journey hit some rough patches as she tried to establish a sense of stability for herself. Aida and her support team worked together to find a living situation that met Aida’s needs and was a comfortable fit for her. YAP Program Coordinator, Leah Vuich, cites a positive relationship between Aida and YAP staff and the true teamwork demonstrated by Aida’s interagency support team in helping Aida get back on track and focus on future goals. Leah Vuich adds that, “Aida is very proud of her progress and success.”

Aida has found her place in a Community Based home with the Alliance for Behavioral and Developmental Disabilities. She and her roommates have similar interests and friendly relationships. Aida’s living arrangement is a nice balance of independence and support. Aida works on being self-sufficient in the community, while the program provides structure and focus. Aida also works with YAP staff during the week learning how to better manage her money, participate in new activities, and improve her coping skills. Aida would also like to volunteer at her local library’s after-school program and at a Headstart preschool program.

Like many first year college students, Aida struggled to find her footing. There were times when Aida felt overwhelmed by the educational expectations. YAP staff supported Aida with approaching her professors to request extra time to complete assignments. YAP Program Coordinator, Leah Vuich, praised Aida for “focusing on completing her assignments and receiving wonderful grades.” Vuich added that, “Aida even got an 85% on a pop quiz!” Aida is considering summer classes and looking forward to enrolling for the Fall semester.


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