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YAP Mourns Loss of Beloved Founder

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We are sad to announce that our beloved founder, Tom Jeffers, passed away earlier today.  Tom founded YAP with the belief that kids and adults belong and do best from within their communities instead of institutions.  He dedicated his life to helping systems better meet the needs of those they serve through providing them with community based options for supporting even high and complex need youth and families safely.

Tom's passion, values and mission drove us in 1975, and still drive us today. In the 40 years since Tom started YAP, we have worked with over 250,000 individuals and families in over 100 communities across 18 states and a number of systems. 

Tom helped to change many biographies, including our own.  We are grateful for his vision and leadership, and will continue to honor his legacy through our ongoing efforts to strengthen communities, one biography at a time.

“Tom gave us and our world all so much,” said Jeff Fleischer, CEO. “It’s our job now to continue carrying on his work.”

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