YAP Presents 2-Generation Approach at Zero to Three National Conference

“Early maltreatment often leads to a life of poor outcomes for children but there is hope for healing” was the message of YAP’s workshop at Zero to Three’s National Training Institute on December 11 and 12.

Bob Swanson and Dana LaCoss of YAP along with Dianne Wilby, Deputy Commissioner of the St. Lawrence Department of Social Services presented on supporting healthy attachments and healing trauma of young children in the child welfare system using a 2-generation approach to intervention.

YAP provided an intervention framework to mental health, early intervention, early care and education, child welfare, family support, social services, and health care professionals that supports the needs of parents of young children in foster care, allowing parents to partner in the facilitation of healing for young children traumatized through maltreatment. YAP also shared outcomes from our St. Lawrence 0-5 reunification program where 100% of children have experienced improved permanency over a 2 year period.


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