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YAP Celebrates Direct Support Professionals

September 7-13 is Direct Support Professional's week and YAP is honoring our employees who provide these services.

Direct Support Professionals assist individuals with a disability to lead a self-directed life and contribute to their community.  YAP is so proud of our Developmental Disabilities workers and how they extend voice, choice and ownership to the individuals they serve.  

Check out the stories below to learn about some of the exciting work being done across the agency.

Cheryl Claar

Congratulations and thanks to Bedford County PA Developmental Disability Staff Cheryl Claar for her work with two adults in our waiver program.  Her work prompted this email from a case manager:  

Hi! I just wanted to tell you what an excellent job that Cheryl Claar has been doing with two of my people...  She's been doing a great job with meeting their needs & keeping me updated.  I know that [it] can be stressful... but I think Cheryl does very well!   - Thanks, Dody

Kara Ray

Eddie, an adult with a passion for art and history, was connected to a local museum by his family. Kara supports Eddie during his weekly volunteer service at the museum.

Recently, the museum curator asked him to create a life-sized sculpture of a saber-toothed tiger. Kara worked with Eddie to see this artistic endeavor to fruition, and it is now on display at the Susquehanna River Archaeological Center. LEARN MORE

Maggie Konemann

Maggie works with JD, a young man who suffers from severe seizures that take a toll on his body and affect his mood.

JD idolizes rap music and adopted some of the negative aspects of the culture, such as inappropriate language and a poor attitude toward women.

From day one, Maggie and JD had an instant connection. They worked to strengthen JD's life skills and stressed the importance of manners and respect for all people. Maggie taught JD how to bargain shop for music that is age-appropriate and he now knows how to look for explicit warning labels. He is polite and friendly while in the community.

JD respects Maggie and looks forward to their time together. Maggie's face lights up when she talks about JD. She cares deeply about his success and is proud of his progress.

Carley Kaercher

For the past three years, Carley has worked with individuals with disabilities in the Pittsburgh area. 

"I enjoy the new experiences I get every day while working with adults and children with disabilities. The days are definitely never the same.

... I am proud to say I work for Youth Advocate Programs... The agency not only cares about the growth of their clients and participants, but also about the growth of their employees."


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