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Alice’s Kids and YAP Form Partnership to Help Youth with Basic Needs

Alice’s Kids and Youth Advocate Programs (YAP), Inc., and have teamed up to ensure that youth receiving rehabilitative and other community-based services as an alternative to incarceration or congregate placement have their most basic needs met. Both organizations assist youth and families facing some of the nation’s most complex challenges.

Thanks to the generous funding of Alice’s Kids, YAP program participants will receive clothing, hygiene essentials, shoes -- even instrumental rentals, and other items to help the young people thrive. YAP Advocates will make requests for specific items and once approved by program directors, Alice’s Kids will send a check or gift card to the youth’s Advocate, parent, or guardian. To date, more than 100 Advocates have made submissions.

Founded in 2011, Alice’s Kids ensures children have items they need by working with a network of other nonprofits, social workers, teachers, and other professionals to provide targeted financial assistance. Alice’s Kids serves children in 48 states and believes in providing assistance to those in a dignified way.

“We are truly appreciative to Alice’s Kids for this opportunity to partner with them to provide further assistance in helping the young people and families we serve,” said YAP President Gary Ivory. “This partnership will help address basic needs that those of us who have resources too often take for granted.”

YAP is a high-impact social justice nonprofit in 31 states and the District of Columbia, and partners with youth justice, child welfare and other systems to provide community-based alternatives to youth incarceration, congregate placements, and neighborhood violence. Advocates and other frontline staff connect program participants with tools to achieve their goals while firming their family foundation by helping them meet basic needs.

“Alice’s Kids looks forward to working with YAP to provide needed items to their youth. We rely on those who work directly with children in need to help identify the needs that we fulfill,” said Executive Director Ron Fitzsimmons.

In 2020, the charity helped 6,005 students in 37 states and spent approximately $265,440 to help young people. In addition to clothing and musical instruments, the organization has paid for gym memberships, bikes for transportation, prom tickets, books, and other school fees among other needs.


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