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New Paper on Disciplinary Isolation of Youth in Juvenile Justice Facilities by Paul DeMuro

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In a paper released January 22, 2014, juvenile justice expert and YAP Policy & Advocacy Center Advisory Board member Paul DeMuro offers some initial ideas for how and why the practice of using isolation as a disciplinary measure for youth in juvenile justice facilities may be abolished.

DeMuro writes, "Perhaps this short paper might be of use to juvenile justice practitioners in their efforts to abolish the use of disciplinary isolation. The ideas expressed below grow out of my more than forty-two years of experience in the field. More recently I have seen a number of these ideas “put to the test” in successfully implemented institutional reforms brought about by condition of confinement consent decrees in Mississippi (MS) and New Orleans."

The paper refers to the use of isolation as something that "causes more harm than good," and offers in-depth and clear suggestions related to training, staff, leadership, reducing idle time (for youth), behavior management, youth voice and choice, quality assurance improvements and due process, among others, as some ways to reduce or abolish the use of disciplinary isolation in juvenile justice facilities.

You can read the full report here.

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