Compliance Hotline: 1.800.324.5794

Administrative Departments

The Administrative Support Center, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is the reporting "hub" for all YAP programs, comprising several departments led by the following individuals:

Carla Benway
Chief Strategy Officer
Naomi Frazier, PHR
Chief of Human Resources
717.232.7580 x1142
Michele L. Gutshall
Compliance Officer
Alan Kassirer
Chief of Performance & Quality Improvement
717.232.7580 x1404
Cliff Kubiak
Chief Information Officer
717.232.7580 x1209
Carla Powell
Chief, Advancement & Development
Dana Stottlemyer
Deputy Chief of Program Services
717.232.7580 x1109
Rick Stottlemyer
Chief Financial Officer
717.232.7580 x1306

Board of Directors

YAP’s CEO reports to a diverse and independent Board of Directors who contribute a wealth of experience and expertise. The Board meets regularly during the year, both collectively and in Committees such as Executive, Finance, Audit, International, By-Laws, and Nominations. Our Board Members represent YAP’s service areas in the United States and abroad.  [click on photo see bio]

  • Lynette M. Brown-Sow

  • Jay Snyder

  • Fran Lanigan

  • Aidan Browne

  • John Davis

  • Emily Ferguson

  • M. Alexis Kennedy

  • Elizabeth Lauren Orazi

  • Miriam Peña

  • Vivian Sanks-King

  • Randolph N. Stone

  • Bill Wachob

  • John McKnight
    Board Member Emeritus

Executive Team

Led by YAP’s CEO, the Executive Team is a group of experienced agency officers and leaders who have key executive roles in various areas of the agency. The Executive Team’s responsibilities include long-term strategic planning (national and international), preservation of YAP’s financial stability, and quality improvement. [click on photo to see bio]

  • Jeff Fleischer

  • Minette Bauer

  • Carla Benway

  • Martin D'Urso

  • Shaena Fazal

  • Stephanie Hart

  • Gary Ivory

  • Alan Kassirer

  • Dorienne Silva

  • Richard Stottlemyer, II

National Directors

Lori Burrus
National Coordinator of Developmental Disabilities Services
Ed DeJesus
National Director of Workforce Development
Programs & Policy

Jennifer Drake
National Director of Behavioral Health Services
Shaena Fazal
National Director for Public Policy & Communications