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Opportunity Advisor Role Description


To work with YAP Advocates in helping justice-involved and other complex needs youth access new labor market information, learn about the behaviors, skills and credentials needed for employment success, and build a sense of labor market attachment and purpose.


Opportunity Advisors are caring members of the workforce who volunteer to share labor market information with a youth and their Advocate through structured activities (touches). Touches last no more than 15 minutes and take place at the Opportunity Advisor's place of work, with a minimum of 4 Touches per year. The structure of each touch and the responsibilities of the OA are outlined in the Opportunity Advisor Structure Guide (OASG). Each OASG is based on a specific workforce topic (Dressing for Success, Time and Attendance, Getting Along with Worksite Supervisors, etc.) Touches reinforce specific world of work lessons contained in the YAPWORX curriculum.

It is important to note that many youth have not had many good role models for success in the world of work. Accordingly, Opportunity Advisors should be people who understand that youth may lack basic workforce skills and the importance of "accepting them where they're at" philosophy, and consistently working with youth to help them make small gains in key developmental areas.


  1. Meet in person with a youth and their Advocate to complete the four-touch YAPWORX learning cycle.
  2. Assist youth in the development of measurable gains in the five Future Economic Opportunity Areas (FEO).
  3. Maintain participants' confidentiality.
All meetings shall occur with the Advocate present. The Opportunity Advisor must maintain appropriate boundaries, never meeting with the youth outside of the YAPWORX learning cycle.


Opportunity Advisors must commit to completing the YAPWORX learning cycle (4 Touches) and assist youth in the development of the skills, credentials, education and degrees necessary for entry level job success within a particular industry.  This is a volunteer position.

Time Commitment

Approximately 1 hour required, consisting of four 15 minute meetings with a youth and their Advocate. One 30 minute online training. Weekly phone calls during Learning Cycle regarding youth's participation and progress.


More Information

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Opportunity Advisor, or would like more information about the program, please complete the contact form and a local YAPWORX Coordinator will be in touch.