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Scholarship Essay

Joshua Hernandez

I'm 13 years old and I receive my services with Youth Advocate Program for ADHD medication.

I would like to request for a financial assistance fund for the possibility of receiving a HP laptop with Windows XP and Internet capabilities. As it would benefit me in completing my assignments given to me from every class at school, as well as copying assignments to a flash drive.

I will be attending 9th grade at El Centro Middle College where I will be able to take high school and college courses, so it is essential that I have access to a computer. Last year, I had a great deal of difficulty in completing assignments that required a computer. Along with the lack of transportation, I had to go to coffee shops, libraries, etc. to be able to use their wifi.

I plan on studying Engineering during my two years at El Centro College and then continue onto the University of Texas at Austin or the Naval Academy. My primary goal since 2nd grade has been to serve my country in the Marine Corps as a Commission Officer.

Thank you very much for the Board's consideration in my endowment fund request.

Nomination Letter

Kevin A. Rosado, Ph.D.
Program Director

It is my pleasure to recommend Joshua Hernandez, a 13 year old Hispanic boy who is receiving psychiatric services from the Dallas Counseling Services Program.

Joshua is a very dedicated boy who puts excellent efforts at living and coping with his symptoms of ADHD and tries to achieve to increasing levels of functioning.

Despite the symptoms of his diagnosis of ADHD and his early age of 13, Joshua has been accecpted into a special program at the El Centro College, located in downtown Dallas, to take some advanced classes in high school and college level.

For the effective completion of his assignments, a consistent use of a computer is required. Not having a personal computer makes it harder for him to complete some of his assignments in a more expedient and timely manner. Not being able to turn in those assignments in a timely manner affects his grades negatively by reducing the scores he is supposed to get if he could turn them in more expediently.

His goal is to achieve all the possible points he is able to in his assignment in order to be accecpted to an engineering program and then be able to attend the Naval Academy at the University of Texas in Austin.

At his request I am writing this letter to recommend him as a recipient of a grant, or a scholarship, from the Endowment Fund, to help him reach his goal of owning a computer, and thus be able to achieve his higher academic goals.