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Nomination Letter

Gladys Garcia, Assistant Director
Philadelphia, PA

"This [young man] came to us on 12/29/06. His name is Darnell Jackson and I want to nominate him for a scholarship. Darnell is in the 11th grade at Ben Franklin High School. His first report card grades in 2006 were 1-A, 3-Bs, and 1-C. He also received 2 awards for excellence in math and foreign language. Darnell works part-time at McDonald's and won employee of the month. His father passed away so he is being raised by his mother; she is a published writer of several small books. Darnell wrote a chapter in one of his mother's books on gang violence and its affects on our youth. Although Darnell has been with us a short time you can see the child has amazing potential. Thank you for your consideration in this matter."