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Scholarship Essay

Austin Mayes

As you know I completed my GED and have registered as a full-time student at San Juan College in the Diesel Technology Program. I am registered in 19 credit hours and am in need of tools, toolbox and steel toed boots and am asking for financial assistance to get these items. I need them ASAP. You have asked to write a letter regarding my experience with the YAP Program which I am happy to do.

In the beginning when I was given Marcus Jenkins as my advocate from YAP I was not sure what to expect. As time went on, I became very clear why Marcus was in the picture. He was there to help me meet and succeed in the many, many goals that I face through grade/drug court and in life just in general. Having Marcus as my advocate has made all the difference in my life and in my grandmothers life and he has helped me succeed with the many issues and objectives set by the court and my probation officers.

Marcus has proven to me over and over that his concern and support is real and is very valuable to me and my family. My grandmother is my parent and she deals with several medical problems that have finally taken a toll on her body which makes it hard for her to do some things. I can depend on Marcus and it is a good feeling to know that I have someone else there to help me move forward in my life.

Marcus has helped me with so many things which help to give my grandmother and me peace of mind, know that I can depend on him during this stressful time in my life. Marcus provides me with support, transportation, and he takes me to individual/group counseling weekly and without him I probably would not have passed my GED on the first testing attempt. He made sure I got to the Sycamore center at least three times a week to study and do all of my pre-testing and he was not playing around! Marcus has taken me too many mandatory projects in the community and he always participates which is cool. Marcus sets up and takes me to my mandatory community service and he attends court with me which I appreciate so much, just knowing he's there makes me feel much better and less stressed.

Marcus attended the new college student orientation with me which was like 2 hours. He also met with me and my grandma up at the San Juan Colleges Business Office to advocate for some needed things. My grandmother also listed him on my contact forms at SJC as a person of interest who can speak on my behalf, because she trusts him! Marcus takes me to shoot hoops, play pool and he has longboard with me which is a big part of my life. I could say a lot more about what I have gained from the Youth Advocacy Program, but please know that I thank you and Marcus an Ross for what you have done for me it has made all the difference in the world and I will never forget how this program has helped build me up.

Nomination Letter

Marcus Jenkins

I have been working with Austin Mayes for quite a while now. I first started working with Austin on February 24, 2012 on the Gang side of the YAP program. When I first started working with him I knew this was a client I could help make many changes in his life. Things started off kind of slow, but we then began to pick up the pace and get started working towards completing all the goals in life that he needed assistance with. Some of the goals that Austin wanted to complete were, obtain a GED, enroll in college, and start living a healthy life style with clean and sober friends.

I was able to set Austin up at Sycamore Park Community Center, in which there was a lady there giving tutoring on GED. Throughout the week we would go there to receive help on practicing GED materials, so that one day soon Austin would be able to take the GED test, with no worries about not passing. Austin and I also did various things such as sports and things. During this time Austin was able to open up to me and tell me more about himself which gave me a better understanding of him.

At the end of May I had to release Austin from the Gang Program, due to its closing. I soon was able to restart service with Austin once he was re-referred to the 198 side of YAP. Once we started back in July 2012, Austin had stated that he had kept going to the community center to receive tutoring on the GED. On Austin's first time taking the GED he passed with a good score. As of this fall Austin is currently enrolled full-time at San Juan College in the Diesel Program, working towards his ultimate goal in life. Other goals of his that we are currently working on consist of finishing his Drug court binder, and trying to get his driver's license.

Overall I would have to say that Austin Mayes has been one the best clients I have had. Everything I have said and goals that we have set out to accomplish, they have been completed. If I had to discharge Austin today, I know that he would turn out to become a successful person in life.