• 40th Anniversary
  • Endowment Fund Reaches $1M

    YAP is firmly committed to nurturing the potential of "Opportunity Youth" through our direct services and through our Tom Jeffers Endowment Fund for Continuing Education. 63 scholarships have been awarded since 2007.
  • New Report! Safely Home

    Juvenile justice systems can support the highest need youth and families, build ways for youth to be accountable and understand consequences without resorting to incarceration.
  • Trauma Informed Care

    YAP helps build youth resilience and promotes healing by connecting them with supportive adults, providing evidence-based treatment, and ensuring that all staff are trained in trauma informed care.
  • Gender Responsive Programming

    Girls are the fastest growing population within the juvenile justice system. Learn more about YAP’s approach to safely supporting girls in the community.
  • Keeping Families Together

    Of those families in danger of having a child removed for abuse or neglect, 98% remained safely intact when they completed YAP's improving Families services.
  • Adult Re-Entry:  A Second Chance

    Two years post-discharge, 96% of parolees in YAP’s Adult Re-Entry Program have not been re-incarcerated, and 86% remain arrest free.
  • 0-5 Reunification

    YAP’s specialized model for infants and small children in the child welfare system is built on research and best practice, resulting in 100% success rate.
About Us
YAP is a nationally recognized, nonprofit organization exclusively committed to the provision of community-based alternatives to out-of-home care through direct service, advocacy and policy change since 1975.   More
Our Services
  • The ASSET Network

    Learn more about YAP's innovative approach to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Youth Services

    YAP works with the most marginalized youth and families across a continuum of needs.

  • Adult Services

    We provide intensive support to adults involved in the justice system and adults with developmental differences.

  • Policy & Advocacy Center

    We are invested in social and policy change that mirror the impact of our direct services.

"Safely Home" Film
40th Fridays


To read more about this week's feature or to view past spotlights, visit our 40th Fridays Page.
40th Fridays

To read more about this week's feature or to view past spotlights, visit our 40th Friday's Page.

Aug 2015

Congrats to our Scholarship Winners!

Marie and William are the latest scholarship recipients of the Tom Jeffers Endowment Fund for Continuing Education...
JUL 2015

A Much-Needed Alternative to Youth Prisons

In this Huffington Post blog, YAP CEO Jeff Fleischer and National Policy Director Shaena Fazal call for investing in young people and communities, not youth prisons, answering the question, if we don't incarcerate youth in conflict with the law, what do we do with them?...
JUN 2015

Children's Home + Aid and YAP Win Chicago Design Competition

Children’s Home + Aid, in partnership with Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. has won a $1 million grant from to help reduce youth violence in Chicago...