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Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. (YAP) believes we all need access to safe places and positive connections in our communities to fully develop our strengths and realize our potential. For many individuals and families, these fundamental building blocks of healthy development are unavailable, obstructed or inaccessible due to conditions in their communities or policies that are inequitable and exclusive.

YAP is working hard to combat the new challenges we are facing with the COVID-19 virus and the severe impacts on our children, young adults and families.

What we are doing NOW:

  • All staff are practicing social distancing and introducing virtual service delivery to our youth and families whenever possible.
  • YAP staff has been in touch with our current youth and families to work on a plan for continuing services during social distancing or isolation.
  • Working to meet families' basic needs as many are experiencing layoffs and reductions in income
  • Providing consistent contact and support to help our families during this crisis.
  • Maintaining our number one priority- our young people and our families.

How you can help:

Making a Gift NOW to our COVID19 Campaign will make a huge difference. Please consider giving at any of the levels below:

  • $50 can pay for things like internet services for a family to remain a part of the YAP Community
  • $100 can pay for emergency utility payments for a family
  • $200 can pay for a tablet so kids can stay connected to YAP Staff, School and Community
  • $250 can provide a week of groceries and necessary supplies for a family of four
  • And a recurring gift of $50 per month will provide all of the above for one family for the next year (simply check recurring next to your gift)

You can also sponsor an entire YAP Community Program with Emergency Funds by choosing to give a recurring gift of $500 per month. Contact Us to learn more.

Thank you for your support.