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Frances Lanigan

Frances Lanigan is a former Commissioner for Oswego County Department of Social Services in New York State.  She has over thirty six years of local government experience in human services and worked her way from being a county caseworker to being Commissioner, the department leadership position at the county level in New York State. She was responsible for administering and managing a range of public social welfare services, mental health services and employment services offered at the local county government level.

Ms. Lanigan's government experience included identifying strategies to reduce the cost of foster care at the local level. In the mid- 90's she was instrumental in reaching out to YAP, Inc and bringing their services to a rural upstate county that had very limited resources. The effort to reduce the cost of residential care combined with the concept of building families to succeed for the long term was core to this strategy. She has been a strong proponent of services that strengthen families and promote family stability. 

Ms. Lanigan currently volunteers with a number of not-for-profit agencies in her community that focus on the positive development of and protection of children and families.  She is a past president of the New York Public Welfare Association, the state association of local district Commissioners from across New York State who bring their public policy expertise and experience to advocate for local concerns to State Legislators & oversight agencies. She has held leadership positions that have led to mergers and professionalization of local services that strengthened and improved the local delivery of human services.  She is committed to using her experience and knowledge to improve the quality of life of families in her community. 

Fran received her BA, English Literature, has Certificates of Study in Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Organizational Development Public Policy and Government Financing. She is a parent of three and grandparent of six.   She enjoys hiking, walking reading, kayaking, gardening and volunteering with community agencies and her faith community.