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EBP+ Collaborative Policy Brief: Serving Youth of Color with Serious and Violent Charges

EBP+ Collaborative Policy Brief:  Serving Youth of Color with Serious and Violent Charges

YAP is a proud member of the EBP+ Collaborative consisting of 12 organizations that specialize in serving youth of color with serious and violence charges.  Today, the EBP+ Collaborative releases a new policy brief:  "Liberating Youth, Families and Community from the Justice System."  The purpose of this brief is to introduce the members' common approach to helping these youth become successful in community settings while decarcerating them.  

Central tenets of the model, which provide the “plus” in “EBP+,” include:

  • Having organizational leaders and staff from the same communities that youth grow up in. This means most leaders and staff are of color and/or previously incarcerated.
  • Providing a range of holistic services.
  • Maintaining relationships with youth and their families beyond formal program participation.

Through these practices, the EBP+ Collaborative aims to

  1. Elevate youth leadership and expertise
  2. Support their healing
  3. Mobilize youth forward movement

For more information on the leaders of color that developed this model and their organizations, follow members of the EBP+ Collaborative on Facebook and Twitter.

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