Government regulations may require that an individual applying for employment at YAP, Inc. obtain a criminal background and/or child abuse clearance check. If the position you are applying for requires such clearances, the originals of such documents must be presented to YAP, Inc. prior to employment. The cost of these documents is borne by the applicant. The documents are only valid if dated less than one year prior to the date of the Provider Agreement.
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Category Position Location Date Posted Close Date
Full-Time Assistant Program Director Harris County, Texas 15 Dec 2014 15 Jan 2015
Full-Time Life Skills Coordinator Atlantic/Cumberland/Cape May County, New Jersey 4 Dec 2014 4 Jan 2015
Full-Time Senior Advocate Passaic County, New Jersey 25 Nov 2014 25 Dec 2014
Part-Time Administrative Manager Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 3 Dec 2014 3 Jan 2015
Part-Time Administrative Manager Passaic County, New Jersey 3 Dec 2014 3 Jan 2015
Part-Time Administrative Manager Hudson County, New Jersey 3 Dec 2014 3 Jan 2015
Part-Time Administrative Manager Chatham County, Georgia 12 Dec 2014 12 Jan 2015
Part-Time Advocate Warren County, New Jersey 3 Dec 2014 3 Jan 2015
Part-Time Advocate Hudson County, New Jersey 15 Dec 2014 15 Jan 2015
Part-Time Intensive In-Home Counselor Roanoke, Virginia 3 Dec 2014 3 Jan 2015
Part-Time Master's Level Clinician Martinsburg, West Virginia 2 Dec 2014 2 Jan 2015
Part-Time Master's Level Outpatient Therapist Camden County , New Jersey 11 Dec 2014 11 Jan 2015

The student internship program at Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. has two purposes:

  1. To provide a positive experiential learning experience for aspiring professionals seeking to enter the social service or business field. It provides the opportunity to reality test skills, ideas, expectations, and goals.
  2. To assist YAP, Inc. in achieving our goals in providing the most effective and efficient services to our youth and families.

As students are provided most of their education through the classroom, it is the philosophy of YAP, Inc. that the primary process for learning in an internship should be through direct experience. Therefore, students doing an internship at YAP, Inc. are given a great deal of responsibility and, where applicable, contact with the agency clientele. This varies according to program assignment, educational program and the amount of time the student has available for an internship.

For more information about Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. and our intern opportunities and policy, please review the YAP Intern Manual and YAP Internship Policies, or contact Naomi Frazier, Chief of Human Resources, at

YAP Student Internship Information Guide
YAP Internship Policy
YAP Internship Inquiry Form